When it’s time to fill your print and web pages with quality content — written, edited, designed and managed with great care — WithSubstance.com provides the strategic guidance and tactical application that your projects need to deliver their full potential.

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Your graphic designer has just presented you with a stunning mock-up of your new website … but what does all that “lorem ipsum” stuff mean? Welcome to the next “interactive” step of the process. Let us help you figure out what to put on all those pages, as your website takes shape.

Don’t know why your web message doesn’t seem to be getting across? Get a thorough review of your website, including recommendations on improved navigation, targeted info access, supplemental content, promotional copy, technical info, press room layout, linking and the latest in best practices.

Conducting email campaigns? Sending email news and advertising presents an entirely different set of issues relating to design complexity, platform rendering and delivery assurances. Let us guide you through that new maze of protocols, to assure that your direct marketing efforts are effective and well-received – in every way.

Need a “managing editor” for your print projects? We can oversee workflow between your graphic designer and printer, including full-service editing, proofreading, sample drafts, approvals, revisions and layout supervision throughout the process.

At square one? We’ll conduct interviews and research about your company, to produce first-generation text copy and promotional materials for your website, press releases and marketing pieces.

A little further along? Let us transform your existing copy into a more polished presentation, with re-writes for specific usage, creative re-purposing of work tailored for multiple applications and re-directed edits.

No maintenance agreement? Perhaps you have all the great copy you need, but no one to migrate it onto the site. Let us help with careful planning, layout and design of that copy, to include clear headlines, subheads, whitespace, text flow, breaks and positioning.

Already have a CMS up-and-running? You may have admin access to your site, but someone still has to take charge. Outsource this task and let us manage your press room, news archives, calendar of events, storefront, product inventory and service updates.

Need help with uploads and deployments? Web updates and email campaign launches require careful handling … let us take the worry out of them for you.