Whether you need a lot, or a little … quotes can range from a flat-rate fee estimate for a single project, to an annual retainer contract to provide optimized service and savings. Hourly, weekly, monthly or quarterly — service plans are flexible and tailored to meet the particular needs of your company.

From a base corporate rate of $120/hour* … to creating a reduced fee plan by project … meeting your budget is simple. We review and discuss your organization and its needs, then develop an estimate. Clients with ongoing projects can realize the greatest savings through retainer pricing, with contracts on file.

*Non-profit, Chamber or group associate?  Ask about discounts and package pricing for special organization & Chamber members

  • For print publications, page design and layout, copyediting, photo work and proofing are quoted per printed page, with price range based on project complexity.
  • Once a template is designed, email newsletters can often be completed in two hours or less.
  • Website updates are best-guessed (and managed) with bundled pricing on a timed schedule.