WithSubstance.com is founded on over 30 years of editing experience, publication design and web production. A commitment to the use of professional media standards, combined with a designer’s eye for style and readability, assures that projects deliver a first-rate message — every time, on time.

At first (decades ago!), our organization didn’t much care about having a website. As a non-profit with limited resources, it wasn’t a priority. But Linda Mojer realized its importance and took it upon herself to develop one, then another, and then another – each one better and more complete than the last.
Luke St. Onge, IRF Secretary General

When our volunteer dental project needed a website, Linda explained the broad strokes, then worked closely with me to come up with relevant content. The collaboration was painless. — James Orban, DDS

For my projects, Linda has been an invaluable asset for over 20 years. Although she doesn’t consider herself a formal web designer, she “gets it” from a much larger point of view. I have ideas; she shapes them into a compelling web presentation. My base idea, with her personal twist, results in a dynamic product.
John Foust, Entrepreneur / Professional Photographer [ JWFoust.com ]

We’ve had a professional association with Linda Mojer for more than 20 years, and we consider her results to be exemplary, particularly with her attention to detail. — Stan & Patty Shaw, Excell.net Owner/Operators

I have to be able to manage digital images for my portfolio and work with software that I only use now and then. If I’m stuck on a project, it’s nice to have someone I can call for a quick refresher. — Pat Orban, Artist

When I have a website question, I know that Linda won’t try to dazzle me with tech-speak. Her solutions are well-developed, prompt and presented in a way that I can relate to easily.
Marcia Richards, CRA President

Every year since the 1996 US OPEN debut, I’ve depended on Linda to produce its annual event program. Her attention to detail, organization and dedication to an error-free book is un-matched. That, plus her web-savvy, make her an valuable resource for us.
Doug Ganim, US OPEN Executive Director

Having Linda develop, maintain and update the information on our website was a relief, since I had nothing more to do once she took over. Timely updates, high quality work and innovation were her trademarks.
— Alfredo La Mont, (frmr GM), Lynmar